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This is A Book About Dumplings



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Food is the universal language that all cultures speak, and dumplings speak this language LOUDLY all over the world! Mandu, Gyoza, Momo, Gnocchi, Manti, Klepe, Perogi, Empanadas – the list goes on!

“This is a Book About Dumplings” is a little look in at the language of dumplings and how diverse in form and flavour they can be! In this book, you’ll learn how to do the dough, work the wrappers, folds and flavours, and in a very short time – become a dumpling master! I hand over some of my secret recipes seen on MasterChef Australia and served weekly at my airstream kitchen “Bumplings”, but most importantly, in these pages you’ll find out that my iconic rainbow dumplings are so much more than just a coloured wrapper!

But this is a book about MORE than dumplings – like me! Family recipes, my own contemporary twists, dim sum favourites and a taste of the diverse flavours from all over China make their way into these pages.

Delve deeper than dumplings – whet your appetite and dive in!


Make Your Dumpling Dreams Come True

For Brendan Pang, MasterChef Australia alum and founder of Bumplings restaurant, it all started in his grandmother’s kitchen, where one bite of Grandmère’s Fried Shrimp Wontons sparked his lifelong dumpling obsession. Now he’s sharing the recipe that started it all, along with dozens of classic and contemporary dumplings, accompanying dishes and knockout sauces. His simple, impressive recipes break down the steps to help you make the dumplings of your dreams and have a blast doing it.

Inspired by his family’s Chinese and Mauritian background, Brendan covers classic Chinese-style dumplings and playful new creations. Traditional flavors feel fresh in recipes like Chinese Spicy Beef Potstickers, Shanghai Soup Dumplings and Chicken and Ginger Jiaozi. Shake things up with Purple Miso Roasted Eggplant Potstickers and Red Curry Chicken Wonton Soup. Round out the table with Spicy Dan Dan Noodles, BBQ Pork Steamed Buns, Tea- Smoked Duck Breast and plenty of dipping sauces.

It’s easy to make your own dumpling wrappers from scratch, or start with store-bought and dive into the art of shaping. No experience or special equipment necessary! With Brendan by your side, there’s no need to fear making dumplings at home. Boiled, steamed or fried―the only thing better than that first bite of a juicy dumpling is knowing you made it yourself.


Pages: 160 pages
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
US Publication Date: 26 May 2020
Australian Publication Date: 9 August 2020



This is a bit about a book signing

get your book personally signed!

For all the Perth locals and supporters of my dumplings kitchen (and firstborn) – Bumplings’ 1st birthday bonanza featuring my COOKBOOK LAUNCH is coming up on the 19th of July 2020.

Come on down and grab a personalised signed copy from one proud dad, plus some of the tasty eats I’ve been belting out on MasterChef Australia Back to Win 2020.

Please note, this will be a private ticketed event so if you would like to attend, grab a ticket to make sure you won’t miss out!

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